October 17, 2009

organic waste management

October 15, 2009

Cherish Our Earth

The development of the world continue to run until now. Whether we realize it or not, it also impacts another. Human nature that always want more and along with the progress of science and technology encourage more people to dominate all parts of the earth, above the surface until deep inside the earth.

In addition, the increasing population of human causes must modify the natural environment into the built up environment. This is affecting climate change, such as a more natural landscape can capture and store carbon in the soil, thus reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. If the vegetation cut down and / or damaged land, soil carbon storage will be released back into the atmosphere.

Changes in land use and the burning of fossil fuels from industrial activities and motor vehicles are a major source of carbon dioxide that causes greenhouse effect. According to experts, carbon dioxide in the atmosphere can not be absorbed back by nature until 100 years or more.

Meanwhile, the more areas become urban. The extent of the pavement area and the density of buildings are difficult to remove heat because dry soil can't emit lots heat through evaporation, so the downtown air temperature is higher 3oC - 4oC compared with the surrounding area and will be higher again in the summer.

Earth continues changed by humans. Deforestation causes a very dry land, declining rainfall, which reduced crop failure can even cause starvation. In addition, climate change also causes the loss of tens of thousands of species of living things.

Meanwhile, with the vast areas of pavement, water reserves will be reduced, there will be erosion, flooding, and pollutants will be immediately transported to the sea, because there are no trees that capable of absorbing, clear, and restore the rainwater into the ground.

Exploitation of natural resources continue to be done without a balanced effort to preserve it. This disrupts the balance of nature. Temperature increases more rapidly in recent years. An increase in temperature will melt the polar ice that caused the temperature of the earth will continue to get hot because no one can reflect 85 to 90% of heat and that can recycle carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Most of the carbon dioxide trapped in ocean floor will also be released into the atmosphere because the Earth's temperature continues to increase. Rainfall patterns to change. Then came natural disasters, like floods, droughts, landslides, heat attacks, and hurricanes.

Thus we must realize that the problem of global warming is so great and wide. Therefore let us change our attitudes and life as it is part of a long-term solution, with no consumption and use our intelligence to start doing good things for our earth.

In the end, we must increase our self awareness to truly love and cherish the earth as we live together. Loving the earth with loving ourselves, because love is the force that makes us truly human.

Art & Creativity 4 Kids : For Better Our Environment

Environment will be inherited by future generations. Children as future generations should understand the importance of maintaining and improving the current environment has had a lot of damage caused by human behavior and the current generation before. The aim is that children, from now until they grow up, can manage the environment better than their predecessor.

To teach environmental education to the children not only in theory or in words. A more appropriate way with children is through art and creativity programs for environmental improvement. They will begin to love the environment in a fun way.

Art and creativity programs for environmental improvement, can be done with the following 4 ways like this. This program has been conducted in our neighborhood.

Easy, right?
Let's do from now!
For our environment!

One good that you give to the environment,
environment will return multiplied many times over.
So, nothing to lose ...

Know Biopori

Plastic Waste

Plastic waste is the most human-generated or the result of lifestyle habits now that all want to be practical. Human needs ranging from household appliances, electronic equipments, toys, food packaging, beverages, cosmetics, and various other products mostly made from plastic materials.

Plastic material chosen by humans because of material cost, durable, lightweight, easily manufactured, are manifold, and easily obtained, so that tends to over-use of plastic.

Unfortunately, these plastic materials are not easily destroyed. Decomposition of the plastic needed for about 500 years. Plastics contain harmful chemicals that can contaminate water, soil, and air (when burned). In Indonesia, has a habit of using plastic for all sorts, especially for shopping and food wrap.

Better start now we can reduce the use of plastic (especially as disposable bag crackle). The most important is that we must always throw trash in its place. Protect and preserve the river, sea, road, dirt, grass, environmental, and other public places from rubbish pollution. 

Plastik merupakan sampah yang paling banyak dihasilkan manusia akibat dari kebiasaan atau gaya hidup saat ini yang serba ingin praktis. Kebutuhan manusia mulai dari peralatan rumah tangga, alat elektronik, mainan, kemasan makanan, minuman, kosmetik, dan aneka produk lainnya kebanyakan berbahan baku plastik.
Material plastik dipilih oleh manusia karena bahannya murah, tahan lama, ringan, mudah diproduksi, banyak ragamnya, dan mudah diperoleh, sehingga penggunaan plastik cenderung berlebihan.
Sayangnya, material plastik ini tidak mudah hancur. Plastik membutuhkan proses penguraian selama kurang lebih 500 tahun. Plastik mengandung bahan kimia berbahaya, sehingga dapat mencemari air, tanah, dan udara (jika dibakar). Di Indonesia, memiliki kebiasaan menggunakan plastik untuk segala macam, terutama untuk berbelanja dan membungkus makanan.
Sebaiknya mulai sekarang kita bisa mengurangi penggunaan plastik (terutama yang sekali buang seperti kantung kresek). Yang paling penting adalah  kita  harus  selalu membuang sampah pada tempatnya. Lindungi dan pelihara sungai, laut, jalan, tanah, rumput, lingkungan, dan tempat umum lainnya dari pencemaran sampah.

 Below are some environmentally-themed posters by junior-senior high school students in the Anti-Plastic Movement organized student IPB ARL.

Di bawah ini adalah beberapa poster bertema lingkungan karya siswa SMP-SMA dalam acara Gerakan Anti Plastik yang diselenggarakan mahasiswa ARL IPB.

 "Jangan Buang Sampah di Sungai dan Sembarang Tempat"

 "Bersihkan Lingkungan Bersama-sama"

"Jadikan Kebiasaan Menjaga Kebersihan Lingkungan di Mana Saja"

"Manfaatkan Sampah Plastik untuk Daur Ulang"

October 13, 2009


The main factor that can support all the activities is the environment, human habitation. What matters today is the environment in many places have a lot of damage. Surely we do not want to live in conditions that damaged the environment and left the damaged environment in children and future generations. For this reason, we must manage to get comfortable environment inhabited from now until the future.
Faktor utama yang bisa mendukung segala aktivitas adalah lingkungan, tempat tinggal manusia. Yang menjadi masalah saat ini adalah lingkungan di berbagai tempat mengalami banyak kerusakan. Tentunya kita tidak ingin hidup dalam kondisi lingkungan yang rusak dan mewariskan lingkungan yang rusak pada anak-anak dan generasi selanjutnya. Untuk itulah, kita harus mengelola lingkungan agar bisa nyaman dihuni dari sekarang hingga masa yang akan datang.