July 12, 2013

Lubuk Sukon: A Village with Typical Traditional House of Aceh

After landed at the airport of Aceh in Blang Bintang, is better if we visit Lubuk Sukon village, Aceh Jaya subdistrict, Aceh Besar district, momentarily. In this village, there is residentials still mantain its Aceh's architecture. 

Watch it, the natives use wood materials for the buildings. Mostly homes have been renovated with modern and cheaper material, such as zinc roofs and bricks. 

The original roof should be like this below, from 'sagu' plants, called 'rumbia'

These pictures below show the most original house of Aceh, by its wood carving and 'sagu' roof. This one belongs to the ex Middle East ambassador.  

Lubuk Sukon Village has a green and beatiful view everywhere. Almost every home plants 'belimbing wuluh' ('sour starfruit') and grapefruit.

'Belimbing wuluh' can be processed becoming 'asam sunti' or 'sour sunti'. Look, those are 'belimbing wuluh' dried in the sun.

It's quite interesting after see all that. For the future, this village can be more attarctive if it diveloped into a cultural village of Aceh. The tourist not only do sightseeing but see the houses, activities, and products of local residents.

Photo collections: Tati B.

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July 10, 2013

Things to Do in Ramadhan 2013

Today is the first day in Ramadhan 2013.
I post a picture contains with things to do in this holy month.
The things-to-do list:
- fast from sunrise to sunset
- read Qur'an
- pray
- tarawih
- dhikr
- iftar
- itikaf
- forgive
- community share
- dua
- reflect
- charity
- evaluate
- connect to family
Of course there's so many things again..
Every good thing you do..
Happy Ramadhan, everyone.. :-)

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